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Full time Maid Agency in Mumbai

Nowadays, it looks like everyone keeps busy the whole day. Due to busy family life, most of the women don’t get time to clean their house properly which in turn affects them with bad hygiene and poor health. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem and it is hiring a full-time maid in your house from World Care Taker Facility Services.
We are here to make your maid searching task much easier. We at World Care Taker Facility Services, provide Full-Time Maid Services in Mumbai for anyone who is looking out for reliable maids. You can trust our service completely as we keep track of our staff and get regular updates from our customers. We also consider their reviews and suggestions and always try to improve our services.
Whether you're busy with your family, career, or unable to complete all household tasks due to health issues, getting a Full-Time Maid Agency in Mumbai is going to be a lifesaver.
Make your life easy with our best Fulltime Maid Agency in Mumbai. The main purpose of World Care Taker Facility Services is to make your life a little easier. At World Care Taker Facility Services, we are known for Fulltime Maid Agency in Mumbai that could change your life. With the growing tension of busy life, everyone is finding it difficult to cope up and manage with their job, looking after children and other activities at home and hence, there is barely any time to dedicate to and home. With a hectic schedule and timetable on your head, many times you find it extremely difficult to take some time out for performing all the household chores and cleaning tasks.
So, why don't you consider hiring a professional Maid? Hiring a good maid from a World Care Taker Facility Services can take away all your worries about the cleanliness of your house and in return, gives you peace of mind. You must understand the importance of hiring a reliable house help so that you can save your time for other things which hold a priority in your life.
We provide you with a wide range of ways to contact us. You can simply call us and book a maid or simply WhatsApp / text message us. Our services are available 24x7. If you a busy person and want services from World Care Taker Facility Services on a weekend, we will be there for you. Our Services are available at reasonable prices so that your monthly budget is left unshaken. We can assure you; we are the most reasonable Full time Maid Agency in Mumbai.
Our mission is to deliver the finest maid service in Mumbai through the hiring and training of only the highest quality people available in our industry. We help our clients find the right domestic help, in the shortest possible time. These maids are from the nearest locations. We at World Care Taker Facility Services strive for the well-being of our customers who are looking out for a Full time Maid Agency in Mumbai in the homecare and lifestyle support Sector.
In the maid services industry, the biggest problem is reliability. We understand this and we are keen to solve it for you. We have a panel of different kinds of domestic help which you have access to. Whatever is your need – maids, cook, babysitters, driver, etc. we have the right person for you. We provide verified, skilled, an experienced maid for household work through our Best Maid Agency in Mumbai. We provide a maid for cleaning, dusting, dishwashing, cloth washing, cooking, etc. We have list of satisfied clients who trust us with our service. We have experienced candidates who give satisfaction and the best results. We have Registered Agency. Our team is a team of well-behaved and dedicated professionals.

Why choose us?

  • Efficient and Trained Team.
  • 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 24 hours available.
  • Physically and mentally fit employment solution.
  • Dependable and reliable services.
  • Quick reinforcement of manpower in an emergency situation.

Our services

  • Deep Cleaning
  • House Maid
  • Home Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Baby Care
  • Patient Care
  • Security Guard
  • Housekeeping
  • Tele Calling
  • Office Work etc.

Reasons To Hire A Full-Time Maid Service:

● If you are working full time and there is no one to take care of your house, then you need to hire a full-time maid.
● If your schedule is already devastating and keeping the house in order becomes a serious task, then you can hire a full-time maid.
● If you are not medically fit or energetic enough to carry out household cleaning tasks daily, you better opt for a full-time maid.
● If you have a newborn or an elderly person in your house, it becomes difficult to take care of them along with doing daily household chores. So, hire a full-time maid for housekeeping tasks and spend quality time with family.

How does our professional maid work?

World Care Taker Facility Services provide the best way to dirt-free up the mess that has put up over the days. They make sure that the home is 100% germ-free. Especially, if you have the kids or senior citizens at home, professional maids enable the house environment dust-free so that infection or viruses can be eliminated. If you hire a maid from us, they will choose the right equipment and products for cleaning the house. If you adopt an option to hire a maid at a professional level, they will set the right cleaning schedule, without wasting your time. If you are suffering from dust allergy, you can get relief from the dust allergy problem if you hire a maid from us because they leave no corner to clean.

Job Duties Of A Full-Time Maid Service In Mumbai:

1. Clean bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, washrooms, corridors, and other areas to meet health standards.
2. Clean rugs, carpets, sofas, and other things using vacuum cleaners.
3. Care for children and elderly members and assist them with dressing, bathing, eating, and other needs.
4. Purchase groceries and household supplies and record expenditures.
5. Sweep and polish floors.
6. Keep storage areas and carts well-stocked, clean, and tidy.
7. Iron and fold the washed clothes and keep in place.
8. Wash windows, walls, ceilings, and woodwork whenever required.
9. Cook and serve meals as per your choice.
10. Wash dishes and clean the kitchen etc.


1. Opportunity to focus on important things-
By hiring a full-time maid, you will get the opportunity to focus on more productive things that are going to improve your living standards without worrying about household chores.
2. Any time availability-
Full-time maids are available for 24x7 whenever you need them. In some cases of emergency, they are always available to take care of your house and family members.
3. They are professionals-
They are well trained to do household chores professionally. You will also find your house neat and tidy because they have the skills to make your house look clean and attractive.
4. A good relationship is maintained-
They learn about your schedule, likes and dislikes, your favorite food items, and other things that help them to serve you appropriately and maintain a healthy relationship.

Action against Grievance - World Care Taker Facility Services is so excellent that our clients don’t get an opportunity to file any complaint against us. Our maids are also very genuine. Still, if anything happens, we always take a quick action to resolve the issue immediately by taking the appropriate decision. Our staff is quite sophisticated and won’t trouble you at any cost.

Register Maid Agency in Mumbai

We Indians are among the most maid-dependent people in the world. From getting our clothes washed to our washrooms cleaned, our children cared to our dogs walked, from being driven to work to have our dinner ready and our dishes washed, our need for maid service is for at least 16×7, leaving out the sleeping hours. Maids are one of the most sought after services in Mumbai. Whether you want to hire a babysitter, a housekeeper, someone to cook, a caretaker, a driver for you, or even a maid, World Care Taker Facility Services is the all in one solution for your household necessities.
You can hire housemaids to work either part-time or full time; our maid services are also very good at customizing work timings to cater to user needs. Housemaids can do regular cleaning, dusting, washing clothes, washing dishes, mopping the floor, and various other home chores. At the World Care Taker Facility Services, we offer you different filters to choose the right house maid for you. It also becomes fairly easy to register maid agency in Mumbai as we have a wide range of service providers all over the city.
It is best to go for the register maid agency in Mumbai that is accessible like World Care Taker Facility Services if you do not have time to test the checklists. Here professionals have already been checked, verified, and insured by the service companies, so you can trust and take their employees by conducting a small interview to select a suitable maid for your house. Sometimes we might send a different person each time. However, before trusting anyone, check whether the proprietor is licensed, insured, and bonded or not to safely manage the damages if any happens from both sides.
You can find full-time maids, part-time maids from World Care Taker Facility Services, or live-in maids. It’s your choice to choose which type of maid service is required for your house. A full-time maid in Mumbai works for a full day, a part-time maid works for 4-5 hours a day while the live-in maids stay 24hrs and do the duty for you.
We, at World Care Taker Facility Services, have experience in providing professional Maid Services, Housekeeping and Driving services across Mumbai. We are one of the fastest-growing companies when we talk about facility management services. We are Registered Maid Agency in Mumbai offering a wide assortment of specialized services that is bestowed with best client base. Our approach has always been to excel in providing our valuable clients with our in-house maids. We provide outdoor utilities and support functions by providing quality support services such as housekeeping staff, maid services, Cooking, maintenance and cleaning services in Mumbai. Besides offering housekeeping solutions, World Care Taker Facility Services also has a specialized line of business to cater other services such as gardening, contact manpower, office maids, drivers etc. for your Business.
The main purpose of our services is to make your life a little easier. We assure the helping hands from our Registered Maid Agency in Mumbai can change your life. With the growing tension of busy life, everyone is finding it difficult to cope up and manage their job, lookafter children and other activities at home and hence, a little or no time is left to clean or take care of the house. With a hectic schedule and timetable on your head, many times you find it extremely difficult to take some time out for performing all the household chores and cleaning tasks. World Care Taker Facility Services helps you to fix this.
We provide verified, skilled, experienced maids for household work through our Register Maid Agency in Mumbai. You can now make your life easier with reliable, trustworthy and Registered Maids in Mumbai. We have experienced maids with guaranteed satisfaction and the best results. We are globally certified and Registered Maid Agency in Mumbai. Our team excels in handling world-class technology and professional equipments. They use safe & environment-friendly home cleaning chemicals to deliver an excellent experience every time.

How does it work?

1. To find help suitable for your needs, first, visit our site and register with your details. Please mention correct details to help us contact you.
2. Next, select the service that you want to avail of once selected, our site will showcase the data and profiles of the personnel who will deliver the services. You can view, select and approve the person you find suitable.
3. After a thorough round of interview, our team will select the right professional help for your requirement and send him / her for work.
4. An invoice is generated at this point and will be sent to you. You can pay the same online or offline as per your convenience.
5. Once we receive your request, our team will contact you to understand your exact requirements and then we will interview the personnel chosen by you to find out if they can meet your requirements.

Before hiring the maids’ World Care Taker Facility Services verify and make sure that the candidates meet the following required criteria:
● Proficient enough and experience.
● Approaches with reasonable monthly salary and additional bonus.
● Hygienic.
● Well-trained if hired from any agency and background verified.
● Reliable and healthy.
● The maid should be major and below age group 50.

The job responsibilities of the babysitter from World Care Taker Facility Services:

● Giving massage to the baby and the mother.
● Shower the baby.
● Put the baby to sleep.
● Washing baby clothes.
● Make food for baby.
● Feed the baby.
● Changing baby diaper.
● Making food for the mother.
● Keeping the surrounding clean and hygienic.
● Making a bed for baby and mother.
● Playing with baby.
● Helping the mother in her household work.
● Feeding the toddlers from time to time.
● Preparing breakfast as instructed by the parents.
● To help the toddlers to talk properly and learn new things.
● Doing some household activities like cleaning the floor, washing dishes, etc.
● Changing the diapers of babies to keep them clean and rash free.
● Preparing milk bottles for babies.
● Picking kids from their school, tuitions, etc.
● Assisting children with their school homework if instructed by the parents.
● To make their bed and wear them night suit to get them ready for sleep.
● To make them creative thereby engaging in the creative and learning activities.
● Make them feel entertained thus participating in the activities of their crafts, games, comics, outings, and exercise.
● To take care of the emotional pangs of the infant.
● To educate toddlers about keeping personal hygiene and developing social interaction with others.
● Keep the child safe from strange and risky things.
● Can handle emergency situations with the help of first aid, and can control the situation thereby keeping important phone numbers and calling at the time of requirement.

In order to give themselves time to earn and do some productive job, parents hire babysitters. However, time away from home is enjoyable only when parents are secure in knowing that their child is well cared With register maid agency in Mumbai, parents feel relaxed as they know that their children are in safe and excellent hands.