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At World Care Taker Facility Services, we bring a strong experience of over 4 years of offering maid service across Mumbai. Our only focus is you. We provide a variety of house help services for bringing ease in your everyday life. We are Best Maid Service Agency in Mumbai, we offer services like Maid Services, Baby Care, Home Cleaning, Patient Care, Security Guard, Housekeeping, cooking, Tele calling and Office Work services. We aim to provide 100% satisfaction with our services.

World Care Taker Facility

Be it the most minuscule or the most daunting Household Service, World Care Taker Facility Services being best maid service agency in Mumbai serves you with the best quality, highly reliable and recommended Independent Professionals and Enterprise maid services in Mumbai.

With World Care Taker Facility Services on your fingertips, all your domiciliary needs will be taken care of! We offer quick, easy and customized search option to fix your requirements. We ensure that there is someone to address your needs, always.


Our vision is to impart dignity to the labor class, earn them the job and respect in the society with the best value in service to our clients.


We World Care Taker Facility Services are committed to providing the highest quality of services to our clients. Our team exceeds the expectations of yours, as well as other visitors and employees who need services for their premises by smoothly facilitating our best housemaid services to everyone.

Best Maid Agency in Mumbai

Every family requires a maid for one or more reasons. It could be anything like house cleaning, full-time home care, cooking, babysitting, or elderly care, etc. However, finding a perfect maid is one of the most difficult task for a large number of people. But now, you can get relief from this stress as World Care Taker Facility Services have undertaken your responsibility. World Care Taker Facility Services is one of the leading maid placement agencies in Mumbai. As the name suggests, you will find the most reliable and dedicated maids here. That’s why we are considered the Best Maid Agency in Mumbai.
You have to just register with our agency through a phone call or website and we will search the best and appropriate maids based on your preferences. We have a large number of registered maids for different purposes and they all are very efficient, honest, and enthusiastic about their work. World Care Taker Facility Services maid agency is one of the Best Maid Agency in Mumbai. Which is recognized for its wonderful services in the field of domestic work. We have been providing our services to a lot of customers for many years. Our main aim is the satisfaction of our customers and we perform our level best to fulfil all the needs of our customers in the minimum possible time.
Make your life easy with our Best Maid Agency in Mumbai. The main purpose of our services is to help you breathe in between your hectic schedule and make your hassle-free. At World Care Taker Facility Services, we provide the finest housemaids to run your home and handle your day to day tasks. Lives are getting busier with every passing day and so are the household tasks. While you sit and worry about finding the best maid around, we at World Care Taker Facility Services promises to help you in handling all the tedious and responsible tasks.

• Want a babysitter to look after your children and other activities at home.
• Need a caretaker to take care of the elderly people at home.
• Need a reliable and dedicated housekeeper who focuses on dusting and keeps the house clean.
• A cook who cooks delicious and healthy food not just for you but everyone at home.
• The best maid who can treat your home as her home while she cleans.
Time for you to hire from a professional Maid Agency in Mumbai. We at World Care Taker Facility Services provide gossip free and best maids to our clients. This will not only save your time and energy but will reward you with a few extra carefree hours.
Our mission at World Care Taker Facility Services is to deliver the finest maid service in Mumbai. We do the complete background check and hire well-trained maids.
• The maids working under us deliver the fine quality of work.
• They are the Top and most experienced maids available in our industry.
• The maids excel at providing the right domestic help and are effective at doing every task they take.
• They don’t waste time and have good management skills.
• The maids are verified, skilled, experienced for delivering household work.

Why Choose us

• Quick and easy: Our agency is the most trusted platform for all your household helper needs.
• Safe and reliable: We strengthen our client’s trust by providing them with maid having clear and verified background, and good past employment record.
• Multiple options: We provide our clients the maid of their choice from the plethora of our verified database. If you don’t like one, you’ll always have an option to select another
• Free replacement: We provide a replacement at no extra charge if the worker leaves the job without any valid reason or does not prove satisfactory in his/her work.
• High quality: Quality, reliability, and economy are our 3 mantras of our services. We stand out in the market for our service being best. We don’t compromise in quality, with delivery. It is almost prior to the deadline and our services are the most economical in market.
• Service: We look through both of our client’s and maid’s eye, understand the requirements. We provide you with on-demand services, simultaneously providing employment opportunity and resource utilization.

What are the key features of our Company?

World Care Taker Facility Services is one of the renowned maid agencies in Mumbai. Our maid services are well-known for its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and timeliness. There are many key features which contribute to making us one of the Best Maid Agency in Mumbai.

● World Care Taker Facility Services offer maid services for all your needs in the minimum possible rate.
● We have registered, verified, and licensed maids available for your service.
● Before hiring, all maids undergo a proper background check with all of their documents submitted with us.
● You can book any maid with just one click.
● All our maids are efficient, educated, and well-trained according to the service they provide.
● World Care Taker Facility Services believe in perfection and hence, we provide proper training to our staff by ourselves so that they will give the best services to our customers.
● We have very affectionate and caring nannies for your children so that you can leave all your worries to them.
● The extra care that your parents require is also provided by our caretakers very efficiently.
● We have maids available for different time slots from which you can select the best maids which suits your timing.

Below are the key features that proves that our maids are the best:

● The maids from World Care Taker Facility Services are excellent organizational, follow time management, and possess problem-solving skills.
● They maintain confidentiality in family affairs and business matters.
● All our maids are pet-friendly and non-allergic to dust or any other component.
● They are professional in exceptional cleaning and customer service skills.
● They are experienced in cleaning big houses and work under pressure.
● They have sound knowledge of different cleaning methods.
● Our maids are able to work with minimal supervision.
● They are multitasking and detail-oriented.
● They are always ready to work extra in any case of emergency.
● Our maids are healthy, medically fit and fine and eligible to work hard, lift weights whenever required.
● They have effective communication skills and are quite sophisticated.
● Also, they maintain good hygiene and represent themselves well.

Reasons for hiring the maid from us:

● Busy schedule - If you are a working person, it can be hard to find the time to clean your house. World Care Taker Facility Services can help you with that.
● Focus on other things - If there is a maid to clean the house, you can focus on more important things rather than cleaning.
● Come home to a clean house - No one likes to return home tired after a long day and then again start cleaning and cooking. With the World Care Taker Facility Services, you don’t have to worry about that.
● Regular cleanings - Sometimes it can be hard to maintain a clean home, especially if you have kids at home. World Care Taker Facility Services can help keep your home maintained with regular cleanings.
● Easy to find - You have to just register with our agency through a phone call or website and the best and professional maid will soon be ready to serve you.
● Reliable cleanings - Being one of the Best maid agencies in Mumbai, it is our job to provide high-quality, reliable cleaning service professionals at your doorstep.
● Experience - The World Care Taker Facility Services provides maids that have a lot of experience in the industry which lends itself to superb cleanings. ● Expertise - Our maid services are experts at what they do, so you know you can rely on them to give your home a good scrubbing.
● Professional equipment - Professional-grade cleaning equipment used by our maid services give your home a deep cleansing and a new look.

Due to our amazing and outstanding services like maid for cleaning, dusting, dishwashing, lobby cleaning, cloth washing, cooking, etc. We have a list of satisfied customers who trust our service. We have experienced candidates who give satisfaction and the best results. We have reached the position of the Best Maid Agency in Mumbai. All of this is made possible only because of our hardworking and dedicated staff who work every day with the same passion and honesty. World Care Taker Facility Services believe in gaining the trust of our customers through our services. Thus, we always try to gratify our customers by taking all their troubles on our shoulders so that they can enjoy their lives. We provide trustworthy and hygienic maids for full-time or part-time domestic help as per your requirement.


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